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We are a family business.
Our team is led by the couple 

Adriana Duarte Pontual & Henry Pontual


Adriana Duarte Pontual, a high-level professional classical dancer and Pilates instructor, and Henry Pontual, an award-winning photographer, architect, and fine art artist, with several published books of his own and with solo exhibitions in galleries and museums.  


Henry released the photo book that celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Theater and the company Adriana was dancing to and after spending 2 years behind the scenes at the Theater capturing images for his important book, they were lucky to meet. As you can see photography was what brought them together! They have a daughter, and a son called Marina and Gabriel.  


They enjoy all kinds of arts, music, dance, sculpture, paintings, art performances, museums, books, nature, walking, swimming, watching movies, eating healthy food, studying, playing cards, and meeting their friends for a nice talk.  


“Henrique is very friendly. He spoils me too much! We are deeply passionate about each other!  


I am his inspirational muse!  


He has done several paintings that depict me as well as photographs, sculptures, and artwork inspired by me! I was incredibly lucky to find a love so true and that knows how to praise the best in me! In fact, this is the strong point and the differential between Henry's photos. He knows how to value and praise each client he photographs, recording the best version of each of us!”  



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