This is the first authorial exhibition of Henrique Pontual previously presented to the Pernambuco public at the State Museum of Pernambuco in August 2006. Then in Rio de Janeiro in parallel exhibitions at Villa Risso and at the Federal Justice Cultural Center.

There are 40 photographs that depict diverse characters, from the simplest to the most luxurious, of one of the most charming and classic carnivals in the world. The photos in Venice were made during the Venetian carnival of 2005.

Curiosity and the passion for masks accompany Pontual's career. Since he moved to Recife in '95, in the midst of Momo's revelry, the photographer works in different ways for this purpose. In the same year, he set up the Casa das Mascaras (Masks House), which operated as a masks production workshop for children from the community during the Olinda Carnival. But it lacked the greatest icon of this artistic expression: Venice.

He then decided to photograph the rich 'Carnevale' of that city.

Behind the differences, a common element: the mask. After all, does it hide who dress it or help reveal the human being? The photo exhibition raises the question and lets the audience respond. In this way, the exposure extrapolates the visual stimulus, causing a broader and deeper relationship between the images and who sees them.