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Beyond having the right professional pose and portrait style, what you choose to wear in your headshots will help establish your professional identity within your network. Since most people will see your professional headshot before they meet you face-to-face, your wardrobe in professional headshots is also an important part of making a great first impression.


Even if you work in an industry where informal dress is the norm, consider donning more formal threads for your headshots if you want to appear more confident and authoritative. 


The way you feel behind the camera will impact how you appear in your photos, so consider formal clothing options that make you feel good about yourself. If you need an extra boost of confidence, stick with formal options like suits, ties, and formal blouses. 


In a professional headshot, the area directly under your face is critically important. These photos are cropped closely for LinkedIn profile photos and other placements. So think about your undershirt and collar first.


First, unless you’re going for a casual look, with an unbuttoned oxford shirt, avoid wearing an undershirt in your headshot.


Second, especially if you’re not wearing a tie, make sure your collar is stiff. A “floppy collar” can make a headshot look sloppy, even if you’re dressed perfectly otherwise.


Dress how you would meet a client for the first time or to give a professional presentation to your colleagues. For some that may mean a dress or a suit with a dress shirt and tie; for others that may be a more casual look.


The key is to be appropriate for your line of business while conveying your personal brand and looking relaxed, confident, and approachable. Avoid Overly-Casual Clothing.


​Regardless of your portrait style and setting, simple colors and subtle patterns usually look best on everyone. Bold or busy patterns tend to distract from your face and can lead to more, an unpleasant visual side effect of repeating patterns. Bold patterns can be distracting and small patterns can get distorted on camera, so it is typically best to avoid them.


If you opt not to wear a jacket, do not wear a white shirt—it will cause problems for the photographer and the retoucher.


Solid colors photograph best.


Avoid shiny fabrics.


All clothing should be clean and pressed. If your portrait shoot is later in the day consider bringing your clothing with you so that it doesn’t get wrinkled with wear.


If statement jewelry or bright colors are part of your personal brand we suggest coordinating accessories carefully to avoid being distracting or looking too trendy which can make your portrait look dated quickly.



If you plan to have a trim or haircut or to have your hair colored, we recommend you do so one week prior to your portrait date.


Arrive at your session with your hair and makeup done. We recommend bringing a brush or comb, lip balm/lipstick for touchups, and powder for any shine.


If your look is clean-shaven plan a morning session or arranges to shave midday, being sure to avoid nicks. If you wear a beard, we suggest trimming or shaping it at least a day or two ahead of your portrait date.


If you wear makeup we recommend a neutral, everyday style that makes you feel comfortable and confident.


If you wear glasses please wipe them down with a lint-free cloth before your portrait session begins.

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